The Spindle


Thought I’d post a pic that looks like a child drew it. However, I drew it. A 31-year-old… soz.

It was really just a quick sketch so that I can build up an image in my mind of how the antagonist of my book would fit in with the world around him.

The main character knows it only as “The Spindle”, which is what he calls it upon seeing it stand up with its back to him just over midway through the book. It has another name but that’s something that will be revealed later on in the story, and would be somewhat spoilerific (not that I mind spoilers – feel free to tell me about the latest GoT finale!).

It stands around twice the height of a man, and resembles a stick insect crossed with a person. The face is inspired by Japanese Noh Masks, and every one of these creatures will have a face that resembles such a mask. I wanted to use these masks because I think they are bloody terrifying. They can have a serene expression, yet that expression to me feels like something that would remain the same whether it was casually talking with you, or disemboweling you…

ImageIt is bipedal, but also happy to scuttle around on the four arms that extend from the torso, holding the legs over it’s back, looking like some kind of malnourished scorpion as it goes.

While it is the primary antagonist of the story, there are many other creatures that Wil comes across during his travels. Some mundane, others slight twists on the real, and some plain hideous little beasties. This guy up top? I dreamt about him, and I did not like the way he crouched down to see me one bit.

As for the writing, I’m currently writing the fourth chapter and prologue, as I almost made the two into one chapter. Now I’m planning on referring to the conclusion of the prologue as an almost casual aside in chapter four. The effect is a little like seeing Vincent die in Pulp Fiction, but obviously not as hard hitting…




I’ve taken my first steps in going from story skeleton, to actually writing the thing. As mentioned before, it is being written between my laptop and an ancient looking journal that I picked up. It feels somewhat strange to be taking these ideas and bullet points and giving them flesh. I have to admit, it was somewhat scary to begin! All this groundwork leading up to a point that I might not like the result of. Anybody else felt like that writing something? It’s a feeling that is akin to that of starting to add colour to a fantastic pencil-drawn picture, haha.

I was still quite pleased at how smoothly the first chapter went though, and how I feel good to move straight into the next one. Guess I’ll need to find some people to read over it so that I can find out if it just sounds good to me.