A Bit of the World

Well, I know that this is a place to write, but I’m posting a couple of images this time. Thought I’d see if I can catch some interest for my story with a bit of mappage. Not that I see many viewers here, but what the hell!

Traverne is a world I came up with. Built upon the bodies of three beings greater that once landed on the celestial rock of Traverne (we’re talking eons before the story. Nice to have some background). Two were impressed into earth while giving birth, along with their children.



I’ve written the basis for several stories around the world. The most advanced of which is the one that I’m writing at the moment, which takes place on a large island nation within the world. I’ve drawn another map for this. You should be able to see where the more detailed map comes from within the world.

Bleakendom New Map1


Neither map actually took that long to draw. Both had been sketched out on a break at work, but wasn’t happy with the fact that they were on A5 paper! In the more detailed map, the names take their inspiration from Gaelic words (well, I spend a lot of time exploring Scotland and I think they sound great!). The story begins in the boringly named “Stonewall” and heads west, eventually to the The Shield, a vast iron wall that separates the island from the rest of the world (for reasons pertaining to the antagonists).

Some people say drawing maps is too much procrastination. If that’s the case, then so was the time I spent trailing about real mountains in search of fantastic inspiration 🙂 I’ve barely had time to write recently thanks to a huge leap in the amount of work I have on (one night off a week), so I’ve only been able to write another 5 chapters since my last update. In an attempt to get around this I’ve bought an Asus Transformer. A very nice piece of kit (Tablet with a keyboard attachment that makes it into a 10″ laptop) complete with the programs I use to write. Hopefully this means all the time I spend on the train can become writing time!

If anyone does pass by my page and see these maps, please let me know what you think!



I just recently hit 100,000 words in the story I’m writing! This felt like quite the milestone, and the 100,000th word also came at point where the story begins to fully branch out between the journeys of three groups of characters.

My concern is that I am not yet halfway through my planned story, and I have huge doubts over anybody wanting such a vast story from a first time author. I’ve started looking at self publishing, though really the story was something I just wanted to do. If anybody actually enjoys it, that would be great. I feel that there is a huge amount of editing ahead of me, but I’ve decided to make these large edits after a fully complete first draft (not editing as I go, which has been slowing me down considerably). I think that  I need to be at that stage before I can kill my darlings. At this point everything feels like it is necessary, if I removed parts I’d be left with confusing sections where the reader has no idea where the characters have been. I’ve altered chapters to fit different characters though.

I’ve also managed to write a considerable plan for a sequel, and have loads of plot points for a collection of smaller stories,  set both before and after my main tale…

I Shouldn’t Be Here

* Disclaimer – This is not an emo post. It is just a transcript of a nightmare that caught me out last night!

                I hear a door click shut behind me, I turn my head and see only a dark expanse. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know where I was before. I don’t know why I’m here. I look ahead. Concrete pillars flank me in uniform lines, reaching all the way to two ramps. One ramp heads up, the other leads down. Yellow stripes divide the ground between the pillars into even rectangles Parking spaces. Five cars occupy five spaces. The ceiling in here is low and the only light comes from the harsh luminescence of the bulbs that dot it. A car park. This wasn’t where I meant to go. I’m not supposed to be here.

I feel Its hands on my shoulders. Long, thick fingers, whose tips grip deeply into the fleshy space below my bones. I feel Its breath on my neck, coursing between my collar and neck, and rolling down my spine. It is taller than me, and It is definitely stronger than me. I don’t know what It is. I can’t see It, and I don’t want to. The faint rumblings of laughter replace the breathing as I try to move. It won’t let me. I feel my arms become lighter, It has taken its hands from me. It tells me to go. I take nervous steps forwards and Its breathing fades into the background as I move along the middle of the road. A jangling sound comes from my feet. I look down to see a bunch of keys lying on the concrete floor. A car key, two silver keys, and a plastic key ring with a photograph on it. I bend down to pick them up. Nothing looks familiar, save for the photograph. A woman. A woman I know? A woman I should know. I stand back up and study the car key. Three buttons adorn the black plastic. I press the opened door symbol. Pulses of bright orange light up this place as I realise that the key has opened all of the cars. I glance quickly at all five of them, their lights still flashing. As I step away from the centre of the road, the faint laughing returns from all sides and comes closer. I don’t turn around. The laughing reaches the back of my head before it stops. It tells me to go again. I ignore the cars and their inviting doors and head towards the ramps. I wonder whether up or down will take me out of this place. I hear a squealing of tyres come from the floor below, and instinctively know that up is where I should be headed.

As I reach the top of the ramp, the floor now below me is plunged into darkness. I look back and see nothing but a void. I don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to be down there. I hurry from the ramp and follow the road around to the next ramp. I don’t feel like running, but I feel that I must be fast. The pillars are denser on this floor. I hear a footstep beyond them but see nothing between them. Every five steps I take, I hear another step from behind the pillar. The ceiling is still low, It can’t be that tall. There are no cars on this floor. I turn with the road to find the next ramp. As my right foot hits the incline, the screeching sounds of spinning wheels on concrete return. I want to run now. I dash up the ramp as the floor behind me becomes dark.

The next floor is identical. I hurry along the road. A heavy footstep drops behind me with every five steps I take, and with every footstep that falls from It a bulb behind me goes dim. I feel the black trying to overtake me. The only light is ahead, behind me is the abyss and It. If I stop, the darkness will overtake me. I don’t know why. The next ramp is close.

The floor below is dark, the floor ahead is lit. I step onto the road once again. The buzzing lights ahead of me begin to shut off in rows, blanketing the way to the next ramp in a suffocating night. I spin on the spot and see the same happening to the lights behind me. I know that I cannot enter the darkness, no matter what. The island of light on the floor rapidly diminishes as my eyes dart from left to right. There, ahead of me, that is where I need to go. In the middle of the lit area is a door in the wall, between the rows of pillars. I begin to run towards it. The sounds of bulbs blowing begin behind me now. Light is disappearing from all sides other than directly ahead. Barely a thin strip is left to me, the pillars form a myriad of gateways into the darkness. The footsteps behind me are louder, accompanied by laughter. It is close, It is right on my heels. I can feel the presence of hands hovering around my head, over my shoulders, threatening to clamp down on me in the blink of an eye. I can’t stop. The door gets closer. I strain my eyes to see how the door works. I don’t have to stop and figure it out there. A metal bar reaches across the door, push to exit. I reach the door and thrust my hands down on the bar, it gives way as I lean into it. Clunking metallic sounds echo throughout the floor behind me, giving way to the awful sounds of scraping metal as daylight floods into the car park around me, a cool breeze washing over me. I see nothing but white for a moment. As I step outside I hear the door shut behind me with a click.

People stare at me as they walk along the pavement. Tall buildings tower over me on all sides, but in the middle is blue and wisps of white. Outside. The sounds of a busy day surround me, and I can’t get my bearings. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know how I got here. I know that this is not where I was heading when I woke up this morning, but I don’t know where I woke up. I realise the keys are still my hand. I look at the key ring again, perhaps it will jog my memory. The picture is blank. A white square. The woman is gone. I think it was a woman, I should know who she was. I step into the road, gazing at the empty card inside the plastic key ring. Voices are shouting, I can’t make out what they’re saying. A horn blares to my right.

I feel nothing, I see nothing. I hear only laughter. I am not supposed to be here.