Wow, it’s been nearly three months since I had a chance to write! Usually an absence of that length might suggest I’d given up here, forgotten it, or even stopped writing! None of those things happened, I was just very busy at work. I’d been on nights for seven months, and for the last three of them I was there more time than I was at home – not necessarily a bad thing (I love my job), but it left little time for anything other than work.

So, it’s somewhat strange to be marvelling at all of this daylight just a couple of days past the Winter Solstice, aka the shortest day of the year. It’s been a busy few days, catching up on sorting out Christmas, getting back to writing my story (poor Wil, he’s been waiting at the bottom of a cliff since October), and playing a few games.

I’ll be heading to John O’Groats soon, to enjoy the rest of my year in the remote, desolate north of Scotland. No doubt it will rain, as it usually does when I’m off work! I wouldn’t mind a snowflake or two though.

Hope anyone who passes by has a great Christmas and New Year! Maybe at some point next year I’ll finish the first part of my story!