Why do we procrastinate so much…

I had a whole Saturday to write, but I spent the first half of it with my sketchbook instead. I wanted to try and draw a draft of what I wanted my book cover to look like, and while the following is generally what I wanted, I think I’m going to have to redesign the text “bricks”: they look a little childish, and I’m supposed to be 32! I know what they say of course, but I’m not sure it is all that obvious to anyone else. I think the idea will work, if I spend a little more time on it. The shadow of Wil Havelock worked out well, and the scene looks fairly dusky as well.

This wall was partly inspiration. It is just next to my house. Much of the landscape in my story is organised between such walls, not big enough to make you feel towered over, but high enough that you’re forever wondering what lies over the top:


My sketch turned out like this (two versions, not sure which I prefer – they both look pretty amateur regardless!):Cover tests Cover tests_edited_1

The name is “Bleakendom Slumbers”, in case you couldn’t work it out. In the end I’ve split my story into at least two. The following part will be called “Bleakendom Roused” and I’m planning on a similar type of cover, only the shadow in that one will be of the antagonist in the sunrise.

Anyway. It’s 1630, I can probably get eight hours of writing in before bed. If only I didn’t have work tomorrow!


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