Draft one of my first book… Complete!

Journey During A Stone King Slumbers

I reached a major milestone with my story writing last week – I finished the first draft of what is now the first part of my fantasy novel. Granted, the the point at which I closed the first book was about half way in my original story plan, but it wasn’t a short story back then.

I have a new name for the story – A Stone King Slumbers.

I wanted to change the name to something a little more approachable for new readers. There are three parts to this book; A Silent Escape, The Lonely Parts, and Rise and Fall. Within these parts are a two-part prologue and forty-seven chapters. The book is just over 200,000 words which (I believe) equates to around 550 pages. I’m quite proud of this accomplishment, though I’ve only had people read the first part of the story so far…

Based on those readings, I’ve redrafted A Silent Escape four times now, and given the time the rewriting took, I’ve decided to leave the first story part for a short while as I make a start on the second part.

I’ve been quite excited to introduce two major new characters to my story for a while: Isaac and Edwin. They begin their story in the south of Bleakendom, and find themselves stacked against fearful odds while a routine scavenging trip becomes an assault from an old enemy of the island, long thought to have been gone for good. Barely managing to escape, they then find that they are no longer wanted in the town they call home and are chased away. They’ll meet one of my secondary characters soon, and eventually travel with Wil, my protagonist.

That’s all for now!


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