Art is never finished, only abandoned…

First things: very pretentious to call my story “art”, but Da Vinci’s words ring true when it comes to writing for me (and anyone else, I imagine).

Might not have written anything here for a while, but the editing and writing has been continuing strong with A Stone King Slumbers and the as-yet-unnamed second book.

My first book has seen the word/page count shrink and grow with edits. I’ve never really tackled anything of this size before, and while I would think that editing would refine and reduce the general-word count, the increase of around 15,000 words has (I think) been for the better (a chapter cut and a new chapter added). A couple of characters have had their roles fleshed out a little more, and have greater roles in the upcoming story.

In the second book, I have written the prologue (which ended up approaching novella length, introduced two new characters of great importance, and nicely refreshed the reader of the events of the first book through the perspective of the two entirely new characters), and the first couple of chapters. I’ve been waiting to write a chapter from the chief antagonist’s point of view for such a long time, and I was pleased with the detachment this non-human character has from Wil.

I’m about to introduce a titanic creature named the Gargunnoch, which will push Wil into the most difficult leg of his journey, while forcing his father and friends into a situation that will bring them to the edge of ruin.


I’ve got a Fallout 4 review to post some time soon. A bit late considering the release of the game was November, but I’ve been so busy writing and playing that time has been short. Well, writing and playing when I’ve not been building nursery furniture for my first child, arriving in April!


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