Cold Call

Although it’s a been a long time since I last wrote anything here, it’s largely been down to having no free time to get on here. I’ve watched my daughter swiftly grow from a one-month-old to a five-month-old, worked on the last parts of the wedding (and by worked, I mean sold much of my stuff in order to pay for the day – who ever said videogames wouldn’t get me anywhere?), moved house, worked a huge amount, and written a first and second draft of a short horror story that I’m hoping to get up for sale some time very soon.

Cold Call charts the swift collapse of the world as you and I know it, brought about when all of the world’s phones begin to ring in unison. It’s just weird at first, but then it happens again, and again, and people begin to realise what is happening to those that have answered…

If it sounds interesting, keep an eye out for it! I’m hoping to publish it as an e-book, and for free as well to begin with.

Hey, it made me think twice about answering the phone when it rang at 10:30pm recently 🙂


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